October 27, 2021

Behind the scenes

Chef Name: Olivier Berté
Duration of cooking lessons : 3 hours
Price of the cooking class: 100?
Address: 7, rue Paul Lelong, 75002 Paris
Website: //www.coursdecuisineparis.com/
What is the theme of the leader's Behind the Scenes?
Each lesson teaches three recipes, starter, main course and dessert. On the program of the one I attended: mussels antiboise, risotto with pana cotta, and tiramisu raspberry, strawberry and mint.
What is the philosophy of this course?
Very relaxed and extremely friendly, Olivier Berté's classes have an international dimension, with the presence of students from all countries. Everything gives the impression of feeling at home, preserving a satisfactory quality.
How is each course?
The chef presents the dish to make, then performs the various gestures. Then it's the students' turn to imitate it, sequence after sequence.
Have you tasted your achievements? Did you like them?
At the end of the class, students draw a table and make a full meal with bread and wine. We all agreed that the different achievements were excellent.
Do you think you can do again what you have learned?
The chef has let us practice so much, that I'm sure I can repeat these recipes at home without worries. I also intend to make a complete meal with this menu for my family.
Did you appreciate the teacher's pedagogy?
Good teacher, very nice, Olivier Berté answers all the questions without problem.
The ingredients were they of quality?
They were excellent! All were fresh and seasonal: strawberries, raspberries, coriander, mussels, passion fruit ...
What tools were available to you?
Good quality and in large quantities, we had at hand planks, knives, pots, and disposable plastic spoons to taste as and when.
In which context is the course taking place?
In a simple kitchen but very bright, because high ceiling. And especially very calm.

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