August 14, 2022

Chinese Rat Horoscope 2011 - Work

Chinese Horoscope 2011: the work for the sign of the Rat


First trimester : This time you will be able to move forward in your craft. Those of you who have recently had to be patient in the face of all kinds of mishaps will finally see Heaven free. Your projects will have the wind in their sails, and you will enjoy them without waiting. Only natives whose trade is in relation with foreign countries, whether in travel, commerce, finance, languages, etc., may experience some difficulties; but, patience, even in this case, your troubles will not be lasting.

Second trimester : Upheavals are to be feared in your professional life. You will need to be diplomatic about getting out of it. Avoid unpleasant remarks, criticisms, rebellious movements towards your colleagues or superiors. Patience can produce miracles.

Third trimester : The planet Phong Cao will force you this time to focus almost exclusively on the pursuit of your professional goals. Do not resist his influence for lack of motivation or courage. If you give the best of yourself, success will be at the end of the road, provided you avoid the forcing.

Fourth trimester : Professional life in principle without history. The only difficulties of this period may come from your attitude. You will indeed be influenced by the star Dia Vong, who can blow you a feeling of dissatisfaction little justified. Instead of dreaming of feats out of your reach, try to settle for the real successes that await you.


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