May 28, 2024

Christmas Beauty Gift: Carita's Exception Gift Box

The christmas box of care for the face Carita Progressive range contains a unique serum and cream. The Perfect Gold serum, which rests in a beautiful golden bottle, restores to your beauty its most precious asset, the radiance. Perfect Gold captures the light around you, in the heart of a new alloy: the 3 Ors vital complex. This complex with anti-free radical virtues sign the perfect encounter between pure mineral gold, vegetable gold and organic gold, for a spectacular youth radiance result.

This nectar anti wrinkle global blurs imperfections, removes unsightly spots, smoothes wrinkles and tightens the skin by an immediate lifting effect. Wrapped in a comfortable and silky cocoon, your skin is adorned with a new light.

The second care contained in this beautiful case like a jewelery box, is the perfect cream: a care anti wrinkle complete formulated specifically to rebalance mature skin with a comprehensive approach to the consequences of different types of aging: environmental, bio-chronological and hormonal.

This cream is also intended for dry skin and weakened by cold and external aggression. The action of this cream rich and unctuous: it detoxifies, revitalizes the skin and the smooth giving it a velvety and soft, well hydrated. The perfect cream also has virtues anti wrinkle effective. Thus, the skin regains comfort and flexibility.

Price of christmas box : 500 ?

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