April 20, 2024


It had to happen ! For the undecided brush, this is the first double-end mascara to create the eyelashes of your dreams. A round brush for an enormous volume and a rubber brush for a vertiginous length. The very silky formula allows many passages, without weighing down or making packages. Used in a saturated way, this mascara creates on the eyelashes a kohl effect.
Our opinion: The two brushes are really complementary since, alone, they are not efficient enough. The brush length is very thin, the mascara is seen little and therefore only serves to lengthen. It is very easy to apply. The volume brush, it is a rather normal size, for me, it does not "volumise" not especially my eyelashes. In both cases, I found myself with slight traces under the eyes in the day.


Nivea Beauty 11? //www.nivea.com

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