June 13, 2024

Discover the new 1664 Beer Boxes by Christian Lacroix

Mr. Christian Lacroix, master of Haute Couture, left behind the scenes of the parades for a time in order to associate with the brand of beer 1664. An unexpected collaboration but no less creative because it allowed the creator to give free rein to his imagination by reinventing the entire world of the famous French brand.

The aesthetes will have the pleasure of discovering two new boxes signed by Christian Lacroix and released in limited series from June 2011. The midnight blue color that usually dresses the 1664 cans is adorned with black and blood red carved patterns and punctuated by the signature of the renowned designer.

On the occasion of this collaboration, Christian Lacroix imagined visuals declined in all forms. Funny idea for a fashion designer? Not that much since everything is a matter of imagination and in this matter, Christian Lacroix is inexhaustible: "I like to escape and to look at the world through its realizations, to interpret the objects, the events and to think about the origin of the styles, the names, the kinds ..." One thus finds the paw of Christian Lacroix not only on the new 1664 collector boxes, but also on a series of trays, glasses and coasters. And everything is in one word: gleaming.

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Collector boxes 1664 by Christian Lacroix - Limited series

Available in GMS (replacing traditional boxes and packs), cafes, hotels and restaurants.

Box of 50 cl to the unit: 1,12 euros / The pack of 4x50 cl: 4,29 euros


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