February 29, 2024

Easy care: I put myself in the cosmetic happy!

The molecule of happiness

Before embarking on the happy cosmetic, we must understand that happiness, joy, sensation is serenity come from hormones: endorphins. These "natural morphines", whose secretion by the human body brings these sensations are liberated when one plays sport, when one makes love, when one is in love and also when the skin is stimulated pleasantly. They can even create addictions as with regular athletes who may feel depression when they stop and therefore receive less endorphins than usual.
In the same way, when one deals with oneself, one triggers the production of endorphins and thus of pleasure via the contact with the skin. And if the care has a sensoriality sought, it is even more obvious!



Sensoriality pleasure

The textures of the treatments are thus able to trigger pleasure to the application by the caress of the skin, but also by the feeling of the texture by the skin itself! Soft, melting ... The skin "feels" all the textures, the materials and reacts. Ditto with perfumes that can also act on your good mood! By association of idea, olfactory memory and simple pleasure of smell, they trigger in the brain the sensation of well being and euphoria in question.

Euphoric care

In this wake, cosmetic brands have strengthened the sensoriality of their products because they realized that we could become addict, have his favorite cream and not wash with anything other than the shower gel that gives us the fishing in the morning! But to go even more law, they also sought to recreate the famous endorphins to bring them directly to the skin! Obviously, less powerful than the hormones themselves, the assets found that mimic and reproduce the effects of endorphins at the cutaneous level, would have the effects, making the epidermis relaxed, relaxed, brief, "happy", and bright skin!



Prescription happy cosmetic

Stage 1: use anything that can stroke or tickle your skin: texture mousses, cream, melting balm ... let the products apply with pleasure, this is the first step, and massage them, apply- taking your time ...
Stage 2: choose perfumes that make you smile with pleasure: chocolate, honey, fruits, but also the smells of our childhood, verbena, baby scent, are all scents that generate good mood!
Stage 3: bet on euphoric care that will bring to your face the radiance of the joy of living ...

Happy products

- Happy Cosmetics
The brand incorporates in its care extracts of plants called molecules of happiness reproducing the activity of b-endorphins, responsible for a state of mind conducive to pleasure and well-being.
Dream Body Cream, Body Dream Cream, 49?
Serum Miraculous, bursting and energizing, 65?

- Dr. Renaud
This brand of the group Nuxe claims the happy cosmetology: quality care institute that make women in a good mood! The secret ? Pointed formulas hidden behind a playful aspect: active ingredients from fruits, vegetables and flowers, gourmet perfumes, delicious textures, sparkling colors to combine beauty and sensoriality.
Care good looking euphoric, cream sparkle anti-pollution carrot, 26.90?
Raspberry cleansing mousse gel, with a tangy scent, without soap, 16.50?

- Bernard Cassière
After its hydrating hemp care, the range of cocoa treatments, complemented by an anti-stress chocolate edible care and institute care, make it a leading brand in the cosmetics-pleasure sector!
Anti-stress chocolate care, protective cream and scrub with cocoa beans, 27? and 22?
Aphrodisiac Balm with Monoi de Tahiti, 36?

- Happy-Derm's L'Oreal
A day care incorporating a plant active that reproduces the effect of b-endorphins on hydration. Extracts of cocoa beans, Phyto-Dorphines associated with a perfume with euphoric effects, behave like the molecule of happiness on the skin by stimulation of the nervous system.
Euphoric Skin Moisturizer, Happy Derm, 6,95?

- Happylogy of Guerlain
Care with the complex pro-endorphins and calmosensine with soothing and relaxing properties.
Radiant Wake Up Treatment, Happylogy Night, 63?

- Nuxe
A range with ultra sensory textures and addictive and gourmet fragrance recognizable among all.With relaxing assets such as Blue Lotus seed, Poppy seed and Marshmallow root for a smoothing and relaxing effect, the muscle relaxant Acmella has the relaxing action and the calmosensin which intensely relaxes the skin.
Nirvanesque cream, 29,50?
Cream body texture down jacket Ultra-Comforting, Dream of Honey, 23,50?

- Shower milk and body milk Happy Time from Nivea 2,6?
- Scrub Fresh Ocean Body, Thinkhappy Organic Surge 6?


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