March 26, 2023

Eyes Styles, an application to scan clothes!

The Shazam Group CEO had already emulated a few months ago by announcing the creation of an extension of the application for clothing. The principle ? "Identify an outfit worn on a television show. Thus, when someone "shazamera" his screen, he will be able to find with a click the mark of the dress of the presenter ". 160 programs had then established an agreement with the application but only in the United States ...


Soon everywhere in Europe ...?


A small step for the man, a big step for the modeuses of the whole world who were eager to rack their brains to extend the application to a more global service. And this time it's done ... in England! By downloading the Eyes Styles application (here: //, English fashionistas can now find the brand of their neighbor's clothing on the subway or their colleague's job thanks to a simple photo.


1700 brands are already referenced. The search makes it possible to find the brand, the store or the find and the price. Even promotions are taken into account.
Logically, the app should be spread all over Europe. The creators of Styles Eyes affirm it, this service is the future: "Fashion is visual. We buy with our eyes and for the 79% of people who use their cell phones for shopping, we wanted to offer digital eyes to find what they really want. "


Quickly, we too want to have the right to digital eyes!


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