March 26, 2023

From junk food to dude food: the guilt-free trend

A newcomer: the "dude food"
The dude food, what is it? In English, "dude" means "dude". This trend brings together dishes so-called "dude": huge burgers, hot dogs, a maximum of sauces, fries (fat, please), a pizza large diameter and especially, especially ... meat. This is the new guilt-free trend that comes straight from the Anglo-Saxons. The good news is that girls get started too! The tide of the day is lightened and guilt to the slightest gram of fat: the dude food departs from this dictatorship and takes the codes of junk food in its male version.
The difference between dude food and junk food
Where one will find in both burgers and Pizza, attention: the dude food will not tolerate the revisited and hyped versions of these dishes. We forget the truffle-foie gras burger and its green salad in a fashion bistro, and we go to one of the many establishments that offer you monumental pieces of meat "raw", very authentic sauces (understand faithful to the original recipe ) and greasy and crisp fries, that goes without saying.
Why it's good
Of course, it is difficult to promote this type of daily diet, both for health and for the line. But the junk food and dude food have the main advantage of making us feel guilty and make us happy! Come on, we are inspired by men and we order them, these "triple-bacons" ...

My Eating Disorder. (March 2023)