August 16, 2022

Heidi Klum and his African braids: a bad idea!

Beauty alert! Heidi Klum was seen this Sunday in the streets of New York, leaving the restaurant "Nobu", after a family dinner. Hidden behind big black sunglasses, the actress did not go unnoticed. And for good reason, the latter sported a hairstyle more ... offbeat. Heidi had indeed opted for a rasta beauty look, with a multitude of braids tight and glued, which started from the top of his skull, and covered all of his hair. She had decorated the whole with small colored beads and had tied her hair into a thick ponytail. The result is perplexing. But why did you choose such a look?

First option: Heidi wanted to copy his little daughter, Lou, who was also showing braids African. Unfortunately for the actress, the rendering is not identical to that of her adorable little girl. It must not be forgotten that they are not the same age. And that the small multicolored beads are reserved for children.

Second option: Heidi dreamed of a summer hairstyle that lasts, and avoids complicated maintenance. Admittedly, it seems ideal: no comb, no lacquer, even less hair dryer or smoothing device. But the rendering is so unattractive, that these first advantages disappear very quickly in our eyes. Especially since this hairstyle highlights the dark roots of the actress, in contrast with its blonde color. Not top!

Verdict: Heidi, quickly remove your beads and your elastics. And opt instead for a braided one-shoulder or braided ear, much more trendy and adapted.

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