December 10, 2023

Him & You: 10 questions that he hates that you ask him

1. Do not you feel like I'm getting fat?
This is the trap par excellence. Because either he plays the card of the franchise ("Yes, my darling, it looks like you have taken buttocksAnd he has the right to a burial head for a week. Either he assures you no, no, you have not changed one iota and you are then persuaded that he is lying to you.


2. How do you find her, the blonde next door?
Same problematic as the previous question. Or he tells you what you want to hear, that she really does not have anything special. And you do not believe it for a second. Where he confesses that she is a little / a lot / passionately to his taste and you send him your hot coffee in the face.


3. What are you thinking about ?
For this great independent, not to say this lonely bear, accepting to share an apartment has been a huge concession. Now, when he leaves, he has to tell you where he is going and when he comes back. So, if he must, in addition, report to you on his domestic journeys, he may feel quickly oppressed. No need to ask him this question, especially since most of the time, in his air, he thinks ... nothing!

4. Can I taste your dish?
Ladies, ladies, assume your (true) greedy desires. No need to order steamed fennel if it's to squint on its Lasagna Bolognese + fries all night. Especially if he ordered this dish is that he intends to eat until the last bite. Morality: not touch!


5. It is better anthracite or slate, this sweater?
Endless, your shopping sprees insupport him to the point that he would prefer, all in all, to go to the dentist to get a molar extracted ... But if in addition you ask him questions absconses (for him, both are gray just like the mouse or the pearl, he does not see the difference!), he could have the urge to resign on the spot.


6. Do you mind if I invite my mother?
More than all the others, this sentence has the art to get on its nerves. Because he knows that she is in good shape and that even if Belle-Maman exceeds it, you will not hesitate to invite her to lunch for the fourth time in the month.


7. Why do not you remind me?
He did not have time, it's as simple as that!


8. If we had a baby, what would we call it?
Even if he is not closed to any idea of ​​future paternity, he does not like, like any self-respecting boy, that the stages are burned. It pleases you to project, it much less ...


9. Do you love me ?
It is a great modest that uses words only as jewels: sparingly and only on special occasions. If you harass him with this type of request, he may feel that you are pushing his hand.


10. Can we stay friends?
Since you just dumped him, even with the forms, he does not intend to continue to attend. And to watch you gently flirt and more if affinities with others than him. So to be friends, you will iron again ...

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