June 23, 2024

How to cook citrus in a sweet and savory dish?

Indeed, it is very easy to integrate some supremes of blood orange, lemon or kumquat to give a sweet relief to dishes classics. other citrus, more unknown, also allow to perfume Pisces and meat like lemon caviar or kaffir lime.

With meat and poultry
The classic recipe for the best meat-citrus accord is duck with orange. It combines the tangy flavor of oranges with the duck whose flesh marries naturally with fruits (apples, fruits red). To make the sauce, simply make a julienne zest (the bark finely grated) of an orange and add its juice.
other meat cope very well with citrus especially the veal, with a hint of honey.

Poultry side, chicken or lemon guinea fowl is made from a marinade that will perfume this meat white. Be careful, when cooking, marinated chicken pieces can brown very quickly.

With fish and seafood
The fish love them fruits sour. To impregnate the flesh of fish, just water the net with the juice ofcitrus directly in the pan when cooking. Simple, good and not very caloric.

Lime is good with seafood.

Another tip; Foil. Some neighborhoodscitrus, a salmon pie, an aluminum foil, and you're done.

The citrus are the friends of fruits seafood, mainly scallops or langoustines. In tartare with tangerines, it's very fresh.

In salad
Depending on thecitrus chosen, salads can take acidic or exotic accents.
We can also use thecitrus to make a vinaigrette. A simple juice of clementine or grapefruit and salad takes on another dimension.

In the spring, therefore, prefer citrus in your dishes. All are suitable as long as they are well proportioned because they can quickly distort the taste of other products. One last tip; use fruits untreated, especially when you take the zests.



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