July 5, 2020

How to strengthen your abs

Oh if we could invent the machine to strengthen the abs easily ! At a time when one shows willingly his navel, how to display a nice firm belly? A short exercise course to reinforce abs...
Every day, take several minutes to practice a few exercises, before the shower, then discover exercises to do without gym clothes, in the office or on the way, very effective to strengthen the abs.
Strengthen your abs at home without accessories
Lying on your back, hands behind the neck, legs bent, feet on the floor: lift your upper back while exhaling (limit the elevation and do not pull too much on the neck). Do three sets of 8 to 10 moves. You work in this way abs located above and below the navel.

Strengthen your abs at home with or without accessories
Lying on your back, one leg bent, foot on the ground and the other stretched towards the ceiling: lift the bust to bring it closer to the stretched leg, exhaling. Repeat the exercise 8 times before changing legs.
This other exercise allows to work the transverse muscles, important for the maintenance of the size: lying on the back, one leg bent on the ground, hands crossed behind the head. Lift the bust to bring the right elbow to the left knee and alternate making 3 sets of eight movements ...
The most courageous can wear for these exercises weighted wristbands of 500 g or 1 kg ankles.
Strengthen your abs anywhere
Make a habit of contracting your abs in your vehicle or on a bus, when you stop at a red light or on public transport, metro or tramway, keeping them in the bus for the duration of the stop, without forgetting to breathe normally.
In the office, sitting upright, contract your abs for 15 seconds and start again regularly. Do not hesitate to practice also in meeting, if you do not have to intervene.
Our advice
of the abs well firmed are a reinforcement for lumbar vertebrae often abused in our modern life. But to avoid back pains, while exercising while lying down, always keep your lower back on the floor and never dig it.

Our record: Keep the line at all ages.

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