December 9, 2019

I keep or I throw: the leopard!

Every winter or so, the leopard or his avatar, the zebra or the panther, returns to the catwalks. Every winter, too, we hesitate to crack for a sweater or accessory printed leopard. Contrary to popular belief, the leopard is not reserved for the bourgeoisie BCBG of Dynasty. In the spotlight in the Maje collection, the leopard gets married very well with a small jacket black very simple and a trousers black, close to the body. And for the more cautious, give yourself a little accessory, for the little trendy touch.

Our advice: if you want to give in to the safari trend, go with caution: a accessory yes, the total look, no and no ... it is not to confuse the savannah and bitumen of big cities.

Conclusion: if you have a printed piece leopardkeep it, you will have the opportunity to postpone it next year because the leopard never go out of style

Barefoot Dreams Leopard Throws - As Seen on "Keeping up with the Kardashians" (December 2019).