June 10, 2023

Jayma Mays, dapper and colorful in Los Angeles

It's been a few years now that we can see his ugly face and his flamboyant hair on our small screens. Jayma Mays first made his debut in "Ugly Betty" before joining the cast of the hit series " Glee ". She is the interpreter of McKinley High School's very manic guidance counselor, Emma Pillsbury. Already in the series, the actress is a follower of colorful and dapper outfits, a tad vintage or even "old-school". In real life, it's the same. The color is the hobby of Jayma Mays. And she shows it well.

Sunday, July 28, the actress attended the premiere of the film "The Smurfs 2". For the occasion, she had all bet on a toned outfit, colorful and particularly tart. Jayma Mays wore a satin top with sleeves tucked inside a skirt Paper London short high waist baby doll. To avoid the too strict side of such an outfit, the actress had made sure to make her top blouse to break his silhouette and make it more trendy. As for the colors, when you have the milky skin of the actress and naturally red hair, no question of staying sober. Jayma Mays know it and had therefore opted for the two-color. The fuschia pink of the top associated with the solar yellow of the skirt ensured the young woman to look and attract all eyes.

When you wear an outfit as sophisticated and colorful as this duo of yellow and fuchsia, there is not too much accessories. Jayma Mays simply sported a Ring reflective stone on a nude manicure. The only eccentricity that the actress allowed herself is her choice of shoes. With a style already so colorful, we could have expected that Jayma Mays boot in touch with a pair of nude pumps. What nay! The actress loves the color and so had set her sights on a pair of high-heeled laced sandals with floral print. Surprising, but it works! The actress is feminine and chic at will!

Make-up side, to perfectly match this baby-doll outfit, Jayma Mays had played the sixties makeup card. A thick line of eyeliner, a row of long, curved eyelashes (probably made from false eyelashes), pink cheekbones and slightly shiny lips and you're done! The actress is perfect!

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