January 31, 2023

Love at work: a complicated relationship to manage on a daily basis

In everyday life, opportunities to meet new people are rare, unlike the business world where there are many opportunities to build new knowledge. No wonder then that your box regularly sees couples forming.

From the beginning of your relationship, talk about something other than job with your new loverat the risk of discovering after a few months that you do not have much in common and that apart from the job, you have nothing to say to you.

Especially that the one you fantasize about can be a fan of the evenings foot-pizza-beer that you hate. Just to know quickly who really hides behind this sexy costume, just to quickly put an end to your idyll, even before the rumor catches you.

Having a love story with one of your colleagues makes you a "people" couple. Your personal life is likely to be deciphered by all fans of gossip. Hold on and especially focus on your job not to be decked out with a reputation that you do not deserve, that of the famous sofa promotion.

A relationship can also give a great boost to your career. You stay late at night to return with your lover and take the opportunity to complete your records, you want to outdo yourself to prove to your colleague if cute how good you do your job... These are graciously made efforts that can also earn you a duly deserved increase or promotion.

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