October 27, 2021

Macaroon Day: 4 Funny ways to cook macaroons

An iced macaroon
Instead of garnishing your macaroon of ganache, jam, jelly or spread spread between the two shells a spoon of ice or sherbet. Build your macarons just before serving them.

Perfume the meringue hulls
Perfume your hulls Meringue : Vanilla, cocoa, basil, pepper, lemon, Espelette pepper ... at the time of their preparation, so to contrast with the heart, like the great pastry chefs. Note that this practice, now widespread, only developed in the late 2000s.

The salted macaroon
We are used to macarons for dessert or to accompany the coffee. And if to change they were invited to the aperitif salty version. Replace the ganache with a salty chantilly, parmesan cheese, foie gras, cream cheese, vegetable mousse, tapenade ...

Like a sandwich
In the same spirit, transform your macarons in small sandwiches and sandwich between the hulls of the salmon, tomatoes confit, ham, a pepper ... All that you will like.

A few words about the macaroon party:
It is to the famous Pierre Hermé that we owe this gourmet and delicate festival. For 7 years, the chef joined by his colleagues of the association Relais Desserts (presided by the pastry chef at Fontainebleau, Frédéric Cassel) celebrate the spring with the macaroon. This year again, this happy little world has decided through this day to support the association Defeat cystic fibrosis. Thus gourmands come to taste one of these bites are invited to donate, according to their means.

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