July 5, 2020

Match Match: Paris and Nicky Hilton

In these photos, Paris and Nicky Hilton play the card of the twinning couple. Like Monica and Penelope Cruz or Marie-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the Hilton sisters attend the same evenings.

Yet, just their attitude, we guess they are very different. For Paris, a seductive look, a model posture and a barbie girl look very studied.

For Nicky, a more sober style, closer to the businesswoman than the crazy bimbo. Much less comfortable with the flashes of photographers, Nicky seems to look elsewhere while her sister plays with the photographers as with his first glass of champagne.

And even when they take on the likeness of wearing a leather jacket, Paris accentuates the pin-up touch by wearing a red dress while Nicky prefers a more casual style with a white blouse.

As for the evening dress version, Paris opts for the chiffon ruffle-frilly dress of the rock opera, while her sister favors a black dress adorned with a few rhinestones.

Verdict: for Paris Hilton, really too much is too much! Paris would gain in style and elegance to choose a simple little dress.

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