September 25, 2021

Miss France 2014, Miss Alsace: "I always kept my hair natural"

What are the essential products for your vanity?
The bottom of dyed Studiofix from Mac, Luxurious Lashes mascara from Kiko, Kiko's Smart Lipstick lipstick, Corine de Farme Micellar Water, Corine de Farme's light moisturizer.

What is your favorite beauty product?
The moisturizing care light from Corine de Farme.

Your secret for a beautiful hair?
The use of Uniq One ​​care.

Your biggest hair craze?
I always preferred to keep my hair natural so I have never done any crazy hair.

What outfit would you dream to wear?
I would dream to be able to wear the dress of Marine Lorphelin when she was elected First Dauphine of Miss World.

Who do you think is the woman who best embodies elegance?
In my opinion, the woman who best embodies elegance is Charlize Theron.

What part of your body do you prefer to show off?
My eyes because, in my opinion, the emotions go first by the look and I find it important to sublimate it.

A small complex?
My stomach.

You have to spend an evening alone with a male celebrity. Who do you choose?
If I could spend an evening with a famous man, it would be with Stevie Wonder because I'm a fan of this artist and, as a pianist, I would love to talk music with him.

Your advice to keep the line?
Exercise regularly and eat well.
What is your favorite regional dish? A local product suggestion to bring back from your home region?
My favorite regional dish is flambé pie (Flammkueche) in Munster!
If I had to pack a local product, it would be the Melfor vinegar that makes the best vinaigrettes!