June 23, 2024

Name of the day special star child: Billie Beatrice

Rebecca Gayheart, seen in Beverly Hills, Scream 2 etc., is the happy mother of a little Billie Beatrice born March 3, 2010. Dad is the actor Eric Dane, in front of which we drooled in Gray's Anatomy.

The two Hollywood beauties have concretized their desire for a child with a beautiful little blonde called Billie Beatrice. Zoom on this double first name girl so innovative but yet inspired first names very old!

Billie is an Anglo-Saxon derivative of William, it's a first name very rare for a girl, it is usually written Billy. Billie is a receptive person oriented to creative activities.

As for Beatrice, this first name feminine comes from the Latin "makes happy". The Beatrice gives happiness around them, they are determined and very human.

With these two first names seated, little blue-eyed Billie Beatrice has a bright future ahead of her!

Amherst Incident (June 2024)