August 16, 2022

Olivia Palermo, model of perfection in New York

Olivia Palermo, model of perfection? The question is no longer asked. Present this Monday evening in New York, for the screening of the film "Girl Most Likely", which will be released on August 7 in France, the fashionist has, once again, given a lesson in style. And more precisely, make-up. The American supermodel had indeed a zero defect complexion, ultra-bright. Most ? The natural aspect of its pretty face. No trace or demarcation, the beautiful Olivia had a peach skin, which seemed as smooth as a baby. To add a touch of shine, the model had raised her cheekbones a bit of skin color blush, iridescent. Ideal for a glowy complexion. Olivia's lips were also covered with a pearly hue, echoing her blush. The color is, here too, nude and natural. Finally, to highlight her hazel brown eyes, Olivia chose a very soft powdered eyeshadow, which she associated with a silver and metallic pencil. What to say ? This subtle, delicate and refined make-up is perfect for summer. We advise you to copy it, to impress your girlfriends and make crazy men who cross your path.

To do this, nothing simpler. You just need to choose a cream BB adapted to your complexion, and if possible solar. Then apply a loose powder to matify the T-zone and sprinkle some blush on your cheeks, smiling in front of the mirror. Choose a pearly color to achieve Olivia's glowy and luminous effect. For the eyes, opt for a powdery pink eyeshadow, to be applied on the entire eyelid, which you complete with a black khol line affixed flush with the upper lashes and a silver metallic line, under the lower lashes. . Finally, make up your mouth with a lipstick moisturizing nude, for shiny and smooth appearance.

You are also advised to copy the hairstyle ofOlivia Palermo, and more particularly its hair color. The sunny hair of the supermodel is a perfect example of what it is advisable to do in this summer season. Golden locks come here to mix with chocolate and honey locks. For a sophisticated and natural result. Sigh. Yes, we told you so: Olivia Palermo excels. What make us mad!

Carol Alt, Model and Author (August 2022)