December 1, 2021

Party ideas for parties

  Fricassee of capon with truffle sauce
For those who do not want to derogate from this traditional dish, but cooking it differently.
  Christmas grilled lobster
For those who have a budget a little higher.
  Christmas tartlets
Ideas of small pies easy to make.
  Succulent winter dishes
Navarrin of lamb, Pot-au-feu, Coq au vin ... if we changed a little?
  3-star recipes, according to Alain Passard
The famous chef offers to try some of his dishes. For the most talented!
  Log with orange
The inevitable log for tradis!
  Chocolate truffles-chestnuts
And if you forget the traditional log for this little idea that pleases a lot!
  Good soups for the holidays
After some excesses, a good soup will be welcome.

GENIUS PARTY IDEAS (December 2021)