May 29, 2023

Recipe by Hélène Darroze: Tandoori Chicken, carrot muslin with citrus fruits, cébettes and coriander

Chicken Tandoori, muslin carrots with citrus, corbander and cilantro:

a recipe signed Hélène Darroze



Recipe for 12 people:

For the muslin carrots :

For the citrus confit:
½ lime (30 grs)
½ orange (70 grs)
1/8 of pomelos (30 grs)
250 grams of sugar
¼ liter of water
360 grs of carrots
100 grams of butter
Espelette pepper
Zest the citrus fruits, bring the water and sugar mixture to a boil, then pour the citrus zest into this syrup, leave to confuse for 20 minutes on a very soft fire. Once candied, remove citrus zest from the syrup and chop finely.
Cook carrots in salted boiling water. Then mix them, sieve them. Add the butter and candied citrus zest.
For the chicken :
360 grs of supreme chicken without the skin
15 grams of Tandoori spices
15 grams of rice flour
Salt, Espelette pepper
50 grs of duck fat
Cut the supremes of chicken in cubes of about 15 grs each. Season with salt and Espelette pepper. Then roll them in the rice flour mixture and Tandoori spices. Steam them with duck fat.
2 steaks (or new onions)
2 branches of fresh coriander
Chop the steaks, cut the coriander into pluches.
In 24 Chinese spoons, drop a nice teaspoon of muslin carrots. Ask a cube of chicken tandoori on the muslin, then sprinkle with chopped corne and lay a coriander leaf. Serve immediately.

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