July 5, 2020

Singles: Survive Valentine's Day

For you, lonely hearts, the Valentine's Day is a date you dream of scratching the calendar, but unfortunately it's impossible. Not a street corner, showcase or huge red hearts sway, or couples kiss on cards more kitsch than each other. On TV or on the radio, you will be reborn with special shows about love or specials to go on weekends. lover. STOOOOOOOOOOP! Fuck of this dictatorship of the couple. It makes you want to invent the "Ste Clementine or Pimprenelle", patroness of girls alone.
As for the office do not talk about it, it "piapiate" in all directions to know what they will offer to Julot or even to support hypocritically that February 14 it's bad! And you remain prostrate in front of your computer imagining already your evening to mope in front of the telescope way Bridget Jones.
It's strange, by the way, did not you notice that many of your friends who live in couple confess to make fun of it completely (it is cul-cul, it is commercial ..), while, coincidentally, when you are alone you think only of that.
You dream of a February 14th when you will strut your arm loulou. As if everyone was going to guess that last year you were alone! !
Let's bet that you too will, after a few years certainly, find it ridiculous to see him arrive with his bouquet of flowers in his hand. (Never happy!) It is true that it is a little comical, even distressing, his endless lines of guys in front of the florist, every February 14, the face worried at the idea of ​​being returned empty-handed!
Go girls comfort you by telling you that Valentine's Day you will celebrate on March 14 or April 14 at St Maxime, whatever. And it will be even better. In the restaurant, you will not be surrounded by couples who, for many, are there more because it is necessary to celebrate love.
And let it be said, love has never been synonymous with a date on a calendar!

How To Survive Valentine's Day Single! (July 2020)