August 15, 2022

Svelte line, the slimming herbal tea from La Tisanière

Take the best of plants and make them infusions with known and recognized virtues. Because the welfare interior is reflected on the welfare La Tisanière has designed a range of herbal teas welfare to de-stress, rebalance and purify the body.

Drainage and Elimination and Slender Line are among the herbal teas of this new range. Partners of a healthy lifestyle, these infusions are real cocktail of plants to measure to start a program thinness very soflty.

Better than a diet, these infusions taken in large cups of hot water help to detoxify your body, and to purify it of its stress, its fatigue, its heaviness after a meal too rich.

Eliminate is one of the solutions to lose weight sustainably. Women have understood this and sometimes need a helping hand to get rid of toxins and help their bodies cleanse themselves.

The unique recipe of these herbal teas combines plants known for their draining powers, their beneficial action on the functions of elimination of toxins. They combine green coffee, green tea, mint, hibiscus ... to help your body to purge itself of its excesses.

Price: 2.28? the box of 25 sachets

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