April 17, 2024

The 10 tips of pros for sublime hair all summer!

1 / Anticipate! You prepare your skin before the summer, do the same thing with your hair. Before the summer, make a scrub of the scalp to remove all impurities. The scalp will be rid of excess sebum and the micro blood circulation will be reactivated. With this scrub, you will get long-lasting radiance.
Our favorite products: Carita Haute Beauté, revitalizing exfoliation scalp, 35 euros or the Scrub of scalp from Sephora, 15 euros

2 / Nourish your hair! Before the holidays, do it hair care DELUXE GLAZING (a revolutionary technique developed by the Masson sisters) This treatment will protect the hair from all aggressions and will preserve your color or lashes. This is the guarantee of your capillary youth capital for this summer. Care from 350 euros.

3 / Bet on food compliments, like Nutricap or Oligosol. They will give strength to your hair. This is an essential step to prepare your hair for sun exposure.

4 / Never go out without a hat! Coup de bol: panama is the fashion asset of this summer. We recommend hats "The Cherry on the hat", they are beautiful and perfectly protect your hair (info on the website www.lacerisesurlechapeau.com).

5 / Tie your hair! With a Ponytail (to make a ponytail) or in a bun. Also think of the braid to avoid soaking your hair in the sea water, the pool water. Chlorine, salt, wind, UV are abrasive for the natural keratin of the hair.

6 / Wash your hair every day! During the summer, do not hesitate to make a daily shampoo to rid your hair of chlorine and salt. But absolutely without SLS, paraben, silicone.
The Rolls of shampoos : the Austrian brand Less is More, 200ml 29 euros at Colette, composed only of essential oils!

7 / Moisturize your hair. After each shampoo, use a conditioner or hair mask once a week. We love the Intensive mask GLOSS MODERN, coconut sun. A classic ! Care adapted to dry hair and brittle. If your hair is very sensitized, apply 3/4 drops of BURITI SERUM from MARCIA TEIXERA on wet hair, this treatment acts as a thermal protection before blow drying.

8 / Forget the sun oil permanently on your hair! Many women think that brushing hair oil on the beach can protect her hair, it's archie wrong! The oil, even if it contains UV filters will "cook and fry" the hair. On the other hand, you can use a restorative oil in the evening before your shampoo, that of Christophe Robin is really top!

9 / Make a shampoo anti residues 2 times a month. We recommend shampooing BACK BAR with glycolic acid which removes all impurities. It operates a real oxygenation and rehydration of scalp. Result: Your hair will be sublimated and you will spend a dream summer.

10 / Finally the absolute gesture to avoid the wear of the hair: lift your hair when you put on a jacket, a dress ... On a daily basis we remove on average 10 times our jackets, and the hair breaks. This is the feminine gesture to find!

Icing and tips:
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