January 24, 2021

The actor Max Irons muse of Mango

Mango no longer only deals with women's fashion. The Spanish brand has also embarked on men's fashion. Sexy, glamorous, chic, these three terms can be applied to the women's collection as to the men's collection. And to give a new face to its men's collection, the brand has decided to ask the British actor Max Irons to become his muse for the Fall-Winter 2009-2010 collection. Thus, if on one side the women will reproduce the glamorous chic of Scarlett Johansson, on their side the men, will be able to dress like dandy Max Irons. The actor thus lent himself to a photo shoot in Barcelona, ​​under the direction of the Italian photographer Francesco Carrozzini for this new campaign.
This men's line Homini Emerito offers "a structured silhouette with details on materials such as velvety fabric". Among these little details that make all the difference, there are pockets chest, epaulettes, folds, double breasted, elbow guards and Mao collar.
On the color side, the brand has relied on "contrasts of gray and green, with hints of brighter colors like gooseberry, aubergine or cobalt blue"as one of the stylists explains Mango. "The natural colors of the sea are also present with touches of red". Simplicity and touch of originality to go then, the essence of a good fashion collection.
On the subject side, gentlemen, this fall, you will have the choice Mango between the big knits with twists, velvet, double thickness fabrics and of course jeans, in all its cuts.
So, to find the dandy chic style of the actor Max Irons, go to Mango in September.

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