June 10, 2023

The lawyer, an essential beauty and well-being ally

Originally from Mexico, this small green fruit with very sweet flesh is used in the country, for the preparation of traditional guacamole or hot dish, accompanied by a sauce. In Madagascar, Hawaii and Brazil, it is prepared as a dessert, simply sprinkled with sugar. In France, we remain more simplistic, preferring to eat salad.
It must be said that thelawyer can have many virtues. Nutritionally speaking, it is a little rich in fat, but it is mainly unsaturated fats (good fats) that protect the cardiovascular system and help fight against cholesterol. Scientific studies, based on overweight people have shown that replacing some of the fat consumed by the same amount oflawyer guaranteed the same weight loss. Which proves that, consumed in a reasonable way, thelawyer does not make you fat, despite what you tend to think (provided of course not to add mayonnaise and bread).
In addition to its benefits on our plate, thelawyer can prove to be a good ally for our beauty. Highly concentrated in antioxidants, and especially in tannins (the most powerful), it will help protect the skin from free radicals (present in the sun's rays, pollution, alcohol and tobacco). They also fight against the aging of the skin by protecting the membrane of the cells of the epidermis. The high copper contentlawyer will allow the production of collagen, which guarantees it, the firmness of the skin. Finally, it facilitates the assimilation of carotenoids, which play on the color of the skin and give us this beautiful tan that we love so much.
The same fats that affect the health of our heart, monounsaturated fatty acids, will work miracles on the radiance and hydration of our skin. Hence its frequent use in masks and other moisturizing care faces and body. Dry hair can also find reinforcement with thelawyer to rehydrate the fiber gently. Notice to the skin and dry hair, thelawyer must become one of your favorite fruits to give them a beautiful silky appearance.

If the heart tells you, you can even make your own facial, body and hair care by mixing the pulp of a lawyer with a neutral vegetable oil or a little honey.
In this case, to make the most of the virtues, prepare your care when applying it.

Real Lawyer Reacts to LEGAL MEMES // Legal Eagle (June 2023)