December 10, 2019

The b.a-ba of a balanced breakfast

Indeed breakfast is the only meal where you can have fun without having to feel guilty for the rest of the day. We can eat more and sweeter because we will have all day to eliminate! In winter, it is even more important because with the cold we tend to burn more calories. The breakfast Ideal should consist primarily of fiber, vitamin C, a hot drink and fast sugars. For the followers of breakfast sweet, there are two options.

The breakfast greedy:

  • - A hot drink of tea or coffee type, for tea we prefer green tea for its detox qualities.
  • - A dairy product, such as yogurt, cottage cheese or a little milk. For those who digest poorly milk, the milk soy will be a great alternative.
  • - Two toast with a little butter and jam (preferably house). It is necessary to fill the belly but also to fill up with fiber, essential for our intestinal transit.
  • - A squeezed fruit juice for vitamin C.

The breakfast balanced:

  • - Two sandwiches of breads whole or a bowl of oatmeal. These are higher in fiber than the bread White. Butter is avoided and fruit compote rather than jam is preferred.
  • - A kiwi to make full of vitamin C.
  • - Always a hot drink, but avoid coffee and prefer black tea or green that is more moisturizing for the body.
  • - Soy yoghurt, easier to digest than yoghurt-based yogurts milk.

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