June 9, 2023

The girl's name of the day: Celeste

Celeste, which means "that relates to heaven" in Latin, will it be the first name from your first baby ? Why not ! If you choose this first name girl, all the family will be spoiled as the Celeste fill their entourage. Mom and Dad should not overprotect them because they could run away from their responsibilities and refuse to engage in life. Parents must at all costs develop their artistic gifts.

When they reach adulthood, the Celestials are endearing, seductive, helpful, loving and balanced. Calm and gentle, they tend to spread peace and harmony in their surroundings. Celestials want to please. To achieve this, they will not hesitate to provide much, much effort. For example, they look after their physical appearance.

Responsible, perfectionist even meticulous, they are always obligations and constraints family and professional. They like to communicate and society. Intuitive and sensitive, the Celestials are dreamers.

The Celestials can turn to professions that have a relationship with the social, the law or justice. Where then, they can also opt for professions related to art or cleanliness. The Celestials will be spoiled for choice.

[Girls Basketball] Wolfe City ISD V. Celeste High School (1/31/2019) (June 2023)