September 30, 2020

The kamasutra of the pregnant woman

The spoon

You lie on your side and your man is positioned behind you. This is the ideal position at the end of pregnancy because your lover is not likely to rely on you and your uterus will also support much less on your stomach. Your darling can also easily caress you in this position.

The doggy style

This sexual position allows deep penetration without disturbing you. It has a primitive side but it is also so practical when you have a well rounded belly!

The rider

You are above your man lying on his back and straddling him. You can choose to do this by turning your back or facing him. During this time, your darling can give free rein to his desire to caress your body?

The chair

Your man sits on a chair while you sit on him, turning his back on him (more convenient). It's up to you to control the pace and make the pleasure go up?

The missionary

A classic position that can be pursued long enough during the pregnancy. The woman is lying down and the man is above her. However, he must be careful not to put pressure on his belly.

L? Bracket

If you find the position of the missionary a little uncomfortable, it should do the trick. The woman, lying on her back, bends her legs while the man, on the side, and installed perpendicularly to her like a square, slips her pelvis under her to proceed to penetration.

Pregnant Karma Sutra | Parents (September 2020)