April 17, 2024

The power plate

The principle
Designed for Russian cosmonauts to revive faster, the power plate strengthens the muscles deep thanks to the vibrations. Each exercise lasts between 30, 45 or 60 seconds with different degrees of vibration.
The apparatus is equipped with thongs with wrists which makes it possible also to work the triceps and the back.
Each person benefits from a personalized program and the assistance of a coach.
Our opinion
Tested by Laurence, editorial journalist
"By looking at it more closely, one wonders how this strange device will be able to strengthen the muscles! Once on it, I changed my mind and passed the funny sensations caused by the vibrations, I realize that to hold 45 seconds the legs flexed, the right back is not as simple as it seems, the reactions of the "practitioners" around me are unanimous, it is effective, it takes a good month and a half of practice to two sessions a week to appreciate the first results.
An advice : stay straight and tonic on the legs to "cash" vibrations. "However, this remains a static sport to practice in addition to a more tonic activity.
Duration of a course: a half hour.
The clothe : Tight pants, type underpants, t-shirt and socks
Where to practice? 
Very popular at the moment, many centers are opening in France.

Power Plate | Body Weight Conditioning Workout (April 2024)