October 27, 2021

The right wines

The sommelier Vinny Mazzara, expert in wine and professor of oenology at the Belle Ecole, advises us, to accompany the tagliatelle, a Tuscan Chardonnay, the Collezione Paolo De Marchi Isolated Estate Olena 2004 (about 18?): "This white, of great aromatic finesse, is fruity, dominated by a spicy and floral flavor.
For the chicken soup, she opted for a light red, produced on Etna, in Sicily: theRosso del Contadino from Frank Cornelissen, vintage 2003 (around 16?). "It has a taste of delicious fruit and its gourmet structure will be perfect to drink in its youth."

Vybz Kartel - Right Wine (Wine Up Suh) May 2013 (October 2021)