December 1, 2021

To cure with the chocolate, it is possible?

Anti stress, anti-depression, anti-oxidant ... Various studies tend to boast the beneficial effects of chocolateespecially black, about our body and our morale. That's right, the chocolate is rich in magnesium, vitamins, minerals ... But all chocolates Are they all good for the health and the line? The answer with Jean Claude Berton master Artisan Chocolatier and researcher *, creator of Omega Choco.

Chocolate White, chocolate black, chocolate milk ... All chocolates are not equal and even when they belong to the same category. And we are not talking about the addition of milk, fats, sugar, aromas ... No, "getting a good chocolate is mainly played on the choice of the cocoa bean, the control of fermentation and roasting. Badly fermented cocoa beans is a chocolate which oxidizes, which loses its nutrients ... Then comes the manufacturing process: the more it undergoes molecular transformations, the more difficult the digestion and the poor nutritional interest. "Explains Jean Claude Berton

What is Omega Choco?
Jean Claude Berton looked into the matter. "The original idea was to create a chocolate which would retain all the nutritional values ​​of the cocoa bean as well as its aromatic precursors. To this was added after a few years the desire to associate Omega 3 (missing from all other tablets of chocolate). It was at the time of the great fashion of flaxseed. I worked on the subject, "he continues.


To cure with chocolate is possible?
"I found the recipe for chocolate that formerly made pharmacists: 70% cocoa, without additives or added flavors and transformation, but with the ideal balance between Omega 3 and 6. chocolate is beneficial to all. "It would help, according to the researcher chocolatier, smokers to quit smoking by refining their puck, improve the sleep quality of insomniacs through the diffusion of serotonin.The high fiber content would facilitate transit and remove the Nibbles (the flavors are there and the neurons get what they want) It would allow the weight loss and promote a better digestion, it would be beneficial to the patients suffering from the Krone disease, or affected by the cancer ...


Proofs ?
Jean Claude Berton has been developing his research for 25 years, but it is in contact with consumers that he has learned the most. "The results are observable more or less instantly depending on the pathologies and their severity.The body will draw on what it lacks in Omega Choco and the more the problem is acute, the more the benefits are quick.


How to consume it?

Some squares a day are necessary, (to consume by half): it suffices to let them melt between the gum and the cheek.
Baking will destroy the Omega 3 and if you want to melt the chocolate to make a fondue, no problem provided it is a bain-marie.


Where to find Omega Choco?
On this website


The chocolate and the surgeon
By Heri Joyeux and Jean Claude Berton Editions du Rocher.

Curing Cold and Cough Using Chocolate, Is that Possible? (December 2021)