October 25, 2021

Valentine's Day, 5 Naughty Extras Ideas for D-Day

A special effect gel
In gloss to be deposited on the erogenous zones or in lubricating gel for the most intimate parts, there are stimulating textures with freshness effect or heat for multiple sensations, to shiver with pleasure or to burn with desire ardent...

Edible textures
To sublimate your skin, nothing like some iridescent bursts to never be really naked ... Even better, if this finery tastes good, it will make him want to eat! With a romantic houpette, to deposit generously ... or in the form of oil for a massage greedy!

Jewelry of bosom
What's more naughty when he believes you to him than to still wear a little something to stir up his curiosity. These sets of bosom inspired cabarets stick directly on the skin for a very hot show!

The incomparable glow of the flame, the light of the candles, the one that makes all atmosphere deliciously felted. Arrange candles to recreate a warm atmosphere ... but not just any! These new candles made of an oil that freezes cold and resumes its liquid form in the heat of the flame ... without ever becoming hot. To let flow on the skin for a massage hot!

Home fragrance
To finish in style, consider spraying a light mist that will envelop you with a sweet scent. When cuddling for a cloud of sweetness or when falling into the arms of Morpheus ... to make sweet dreams!



Double effect: Cooling and heating balm for erogenous zones, Studio, 14,90?
Cabaret: Cache bosom Burlesque, Indiscrets Jewelry, 19.90?
Sexy Chic: Sexy Nippies Shape Heart, Nippies Tassels, 9.90?
Surprise candle: Candle Massage maddening Yes For Lov, 29.00? (On passagedudesir.fr)
Shuddering with pleasure: Intimate Lubricant Frosty Dew Fresh Stimulant, Yoba, 15?
Chewable: Gourmet flavored cherry powder, Yoba, 12?
Exotic: Candle Massage Burning coconut, Yoba, 24?
Close your eyes: Sensual Indoor Mist to Musk, Yoba, 12? (on yobaparis.com)
Playful: The oil of temptation, 6 berlingots, 6 tastes, Do you want, 23,40? (on want-you-paris.com)
Glamor: Flavored Gourmet Powder for the Body, Urban Decay at Sephora, 36?

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