May 29, 2023

Sport: discover the tubbing

What is it ?
This is a plastic rope that looks like a skipping rope. Equipped with two handles, it is used to work the muscles and stretch by opposing resistance.

It is a tool that can intensify any conventional exercise which increases the difficulty by curbing movement. Clear ? You can increase the difficulty of a classic exercise like leg openings, like an elastic band. Indeed, instead of going into resistance against the gesture or acting by its weight (like dumbbells), it goes in the direction of the gesture but by slowing it down because it must be stretched to achieve the gesture: that's how it forces the muscle to work.

How to use it?
It allows to work all muscle groups and is used alone to do targeted strengthening or in a program of fitness tonic, like the Les Mills "CX30" program.
For example, we take a handful in each hand, the rope on the ground. We put both feet on it to block it and we cross the handles. X-opening movements are then performed, as if the arms were extended, or the arms raised and lowered horizontally, like the wings of a bird. There are several levels of resistance indicated by the color of the rope.

Advantages :
Easy to carry, it is practiced everywhere
No risk of injury because you control his movements and he acts in stretching.
Affordable, the investment is minimal for maximum effect!
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MVH tubing Mt. Holiday Traverse City (May 2023)