July 3, 2020

The shower gel and bath organic softening with the rose of Patyka

The shower care and organic bath from Patyka is rich in Essential oil of rosewood. A delicate fragrance emerges to provide relaxation and pleasure in the shower or bath. Its light foam cleans and softens the skin, while leaving a furrow of flowery and sensual fragrance. A shower care that comforts, relaxes ... How to resist a product so soft, and organic and more?

Relax and empty your mind. Breathe deeply and enjoy this moment of serenity just for you. TheEssential oil Rosewood, obtained through a unique distillation process, offers peace and tranquility in the shower. Dry skins and sensitive skin are filled because the rosewood has restorative properties.

Shower gel and organic bath Patyka, 14? the 250 ml

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