July 5, 2020

Beauty and the Beast, poetry and romance now on DVD

We knew the children's tale of universal folklore, Jean Cocteau's film with Jean Marais, as well as the cartoon of Walt Disney Studios. But do you remember the series The beautiful and the Beast, series 80s. Taking up a story that is at least 500 years old, the writers and producers of the series wished to make a modern adaptation of this tale. As a result, Beauty and the Beast do not meet in a middle time, but nowadays, in the heart of the city. La Belle becomes a young modern, independent woman, a lawyer in New York named Catherine Chandler, and the Beast is a lion-man named Vincent, who lives underground in the middle of a group of recluse.
Between these two, despite the gap that separates them, a spark will come on. Their meeting has of course all the fairy tale. Catherine, attacked, is left for dead in Central Park. Fortunately, his savior, Vincent, will take care of her, and take her to her underworld to heal her. The young woman will return to live her life, promising never to reveal the presence of this community. From then on, will be woven between the two protagonists a link stronger and stronger. Beyond an incipient love, it is first of all a mental link that unites the two heroes. Thus, the beast feels every time that her beautiful is in danger and comes to her rescue.
Those who remember this series will happily find the first episodes in the DVD box of season 1 coming out right now. Those who have not discovered it yet will be surprised to appreciate a series filled with poetry and sweet melancholy that still has its fans today.
This series, created by Ron Koslow, has as main actors Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton. Linda Hamilton had his glory days after the series, thanks to his performance in the cult film Terminator and Terminator 2: the last judgment. Ron Perlman has a face that is necessarily familiar to you. Besides the fact that he is the actor who lends his features to the red Hellboy hero, we remember his face so special in the film The name of the rose.    
The beautiful and the Beast so is a series of three seasons which carded of 1987 to 1990 on CBS, and from 1988 on La Cinq in France. She still has her fan club of diehards today. You can now get the first season and you too, perhaps, become a new fan.

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Beauty and the Beast, Astral Romance (July 2020)