August 14, 2022

Cancer Horoscope 2011 - Ancestry

Cancer Horoscope 2011: the influence of your ascendancy


Ascending Cancer Aries : Be firm with your children and do not give in to all their whims. Be wary of your debonair behavior, which will in the long run do more harm than good. Remember that, despite appearances, they like to be well supervised instead of being left to their own devices.


Ascending Cancer Taurus : Side intuition, you will be spoiled by the planet Mercury. Your flair will be infallible, especially to detect the lack of authenticity in people. You will make it clear to charlatans on all sides that they do not interest you.


Ascending Cancer Gemini : Look for the beginning of the year to keep you fit by a healthy lifestyle. Exercise and take better care of your diet. For some, the appearance of genitourinary disorders.


Cancer ascending Cancer : If you are willing to try the fortune, it could respond to your smile, given the present astral configuration. So often play any game of chance, but avoid investing large sums.


Ascending Cancer Lion : The Planet Luc If you advise to look for savvy savings that will allow you to live well by spending less. If you want to buy a vehicle, for example, do not go headlong at the first dealership encountered.


Ascending Cancer Virgo : This year, watch for the good opportunities, both materially and professionally, the global climate being quite favorable to you. You can make a lot of money or get a job that leaves more than one dreamer.


Ascending Cancer Balance : Chronic fatigue suffered by some natives of the sign will be considerably reduced thanks to the beneficial influxes of the planet Ta Phu staggered with the Sun. Remember that a healthy lifestyle is of the utmost importance to curb this fatigue.


Ascending Cancer Scorpion : You will enter a small cycle very pompous. These new provisions dispensed by the stars will manifest themselves in all fields. Your sentimental life will bubble with an unsuspected passion. The least favored will be the natives of the third decan who will have to watch their health shaken by allergies or various infections.


Ascending Cancer Sagittarius : This astral climate suggests great opportunities in different areas. It's up to you to seize and exploit them to the fullest. This will involve, for example, friend competition, political support, financial support, or powerful relationships. These benefits should be manifested suddenly, when they are needed or desirable. Thank the stars for all this!


Cancer ascending Capricorn : The determination to succeed will bear fruit. You will score very important points. If you are at a crossroads, a new career may open before you this year.

Ascending Cancer Aquarius : In the work, your patience will be put to the test. Everything will not work as you intended. You will have to deal with paralyzing administrative delays, unacceptable delays, and impossible delays. Do not weigh too much anyway! Life is so made, and we can not do much. If you take your trouble, things will get better without damage.

Ascending Cancer Pisces : On the affective plane, you will live something peaceful, without surprise, but you will not ask for more, knowing how to live daily with the loved one and to enjoy shared moments, without demanding the impossible. Bravo!



Cancer horoscope 2011 (August 2022)