July 12, 2024

Kate Middleton: its secrets to have a skin zero defect

No buttons or imperfections. The beautiful Duchess of Cambridge displays, at each of his appearances, a skin zero defect, that many envy him. To achieve such a result, nothing more simple: just take care of its pretty face, with the right products. The care rituals will not be the same, whether you have dry, oily or mixed skin. To do this, do not hesitate to make a diagnosis at a dermatologist. The latter will then guide you on the products you need to buy.

There is, however, a beauty routine, which Kate seems to have recorded, and which you can copy without much difficulty.

First stage : Remove makeup. Primordial, at the end of the day, to eliminate traces and residues of makeup, but also pollution and other impurities. We recommend here micellar water, a gentle cleansing product that will suit all.

Second step : clean his skin. Regarding the product to use, it is better to ask your dermatologist to help you. He will be best able to advise you.

Third stepessential and essential: hydration. Finally, do not hesitate to make one to two masks a week, to revive the radiance and freshness of your skin. Ditto for scrubs. Be careful however to sensitive skin, which will avoid this exfoliating care.

The favorite product of Kate Middleton : Vita-A-Kombi A Oxygen Facial Care by Herzog. To find on the website: www.karinherzog.com (see our article: Kate Middleton: his favorite brand landed in France).

The Duchess would also use LancĂ´me Hydra Zen Cream, Nivea Face Cream and Heaven Bee Venom Face Mask, advised by her stepmother, Camilla Parker-Bowles. It remains to know how much you plan to pay, to look like our dear Kate ...

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