April 17, 2024

Miley Cyrus, sexy in Emilio Pucci

Miley Cyrus grows up and his style suffers. If she still relies on the sexy, the actress singer has abandoned a little trash to focus on more glamorous designer outfits. Last night, the heroine ofHannah Montana was in beauty at the world premiere of Hunger Games, much anticipated action movie (released March 21 at home) and in which his boyfriend Liam Hemsworth holds one of the main roles.


It's in a bra and skirt long Emilio Pucci than Miley Cyrus walked the red carpet. The beauty was dazzling in this organza outfit embroidered with sequins and accents bohemian. We love the very childish side of Miley Cyrus which allows him to wear a bra on red carpet without falling into the too much. Eyelids hemmed with black, a healthy complexion and a fluid bow cut brought this decidedly devastating look!

Miley Cyrus Sexy in Pucci at The Hunger Games Premiere in Los Angeles: Liam Hemsworth (April 2024)