November 30, 2021

My ideal dressing room: the white shirt

Did you know ?
In 1998, actress Sharon Stone made a splash as she walked down the red carpet of the Oscars by wearing a gorgeous silk skirt by fashion designer Vera Wang coupled with a simple White shirt in cotton borrowed from her husband!
His advantages
She's all good ... Like all the basics! Pure, the white illuminates the face and harmonizes with the other colors of the color chart. Classic, it is timeless and goes through fashion without ever being cheesy. Chic, she invites herself to appointments VIP and simple, she knows how to forget to highlight other elements of an outfit. Perfect, the White shirt can afford the whim of being versatile!
How to choose?
A simple glance is enough to put it away or not in the category of GWS and not CBB (white shirts bof!) ... We zap tissues too thin and therefore transparent, slightly soft materials that prevent it from having the outfit and all the little fantasies (edging of color, embroidery, golden buttons ...). It favors a classic shape, but slightly arched, long sleeves and a straight collar.
The + of the editorial

  • An executive woman style: it is entered in a gray skirt with a very high waist and buttoned up. To avoid the bouffant side, you can choose a body model that allows a perfect finish.
  • For a romantic rendezvous: unbutton it enough to reveal the birth of your neckline and fluid black pants. Chic and sexy at the same time!
  • Very trendy: we choose long as a tunic, we roll up his sleeves to the elbows. It is worn on leggings and thigh high boots.
Our favorite
Specialist of the shirt, Alain Figaret proposes the model Blandine in 100% cotton quilted fabric, collar two buttons and wrists musketeers. 105 euros

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