September 28, 2020

Wedding of Charlene Wittstock and Albert of Monaco: Victoria Silvstedt, all in elegance!

Subscriber to indecent necklines, ultra sexy dresses and flashy make-up, the most famous bimbo PAF has proved today that she knew how to play BCBG, when the opportunity arises.
Indeed, the sculptural Victoria Silvstedt simply bluffed us on Friday, July 2, as she arrived in style in the courtyard of the Monegasque Prince's Palace, to appreciate the privilege of the union of Prince Albert de Monaco with the beautiful South African Charlene Wittstock.

Not to denote alongside the prestigious crowned heads invited for the occasion, like the Princess Maxima, Madeleine and Victoria of Sweden, the Princess of Thailand, Lalla Salma of Morocco, or the Empress Farah, to name a few, miss Silvstedt has put the package.
And for good reason, the sultry blonde appeared in an elegant nude dress, ultra tight and beautifully belted, worn with vertiginous heels, a Dior clutch of the highest class, without forgetting of course the famous hat she could not escape, and she has chosen very well.

No chest unveiled, even fewer legs in the air, and yet Victoria was superb! Like what, no need to make tons to be on top ...

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene's five month old twins were baptised at the Cathedral of Monaco (September 2020)