February 29, 2024

Care for sensitive skin

The skins are more and more reactive because of the different causes of aggression in our modern life. How to treat this type of skin? How to prevent risk situations? The care for sensitive skins bring you the answer.
You can prevent certain daily aggressions against the skin avoiding: limestone water, excess heating, allergies, stress, air conditioning, poor lifestyle ... care for sensitive skins will help protect your skin from pollution and climatic variations.

Care for sensitive skin uses hypoallergenic products, without perfume or preservatives, preferably purchased in pharmacy or drugstore. Make up each evening with ultra-soft milk without rinsing and apply a moisturizing and softening cream in light massages. In the morning, spray with thermal water to wake the skin, dry before applying your moisturizer. Avoid exfoliation, peeling, exfoliating cream or mask with AHA, too aggressive, but regularly apply a moisturizing mask, soothing.

Care of specific sensitive skin: rosacea
Blotchy skin is a degradation of sensitive skins. It is manifested by broken veins on the face. It is often due to large temperature variations. The laser is very effective to treat it since we see an improvement from the first session.

Our advice
Before buying a product for your face, test it to make sure you do not have allergic reactions.

**DERMATOLOGIST APPROVED** Skincare Routine | RENEE AMBERG (February 2024)