April 10, 2021

I am luscious: what pants for my morphology?

My problem I have shapes and I do not know how to put them in value.

The solution : we opt for pants chino, high waist, the trousers wide or downright the trousers flare.


In stretch or cotton canvas, the trousers chino is characterized by its straight cut and folded lapels. If it can be worn by all, it is ideal for women who have shapes (belly, hips and buttocks), it puts the legs in value, especially the ankles. We love his casual chic side and wear it as well with pumps (to refine even more legs) than with ballerinas or derbies (for a cracked tomboy effect).


Wide pants
It's the must have for women who have shapes. The trousers wide is worn high (goodbye the beads of the can) and hides the thighs / hips / buttocks. However, do not think it gives a potato bag look every time! Well worn, it sublimates the curves. We choose a printed model and wear it with wedge sandals or ultra sexy peep-toes. At the top, we do the molding to contrast with the trousers and put his chest in value. Guaranteed effect!

The trousers/jeans flare
Ultimate piece of the 70s, the trousers flare is worn high and flared at the bottom. Put in fashion by Elle Macpherson, it is suitable for creepers but also for girls who have pretty buttocks. Be careful though, it is not suitable for chubby thighs! Nevertheless, it offers a silhouette that is advantageous to those who want to hide their can and highlight their butt. To be stilted in the trend of this summer, it is worn with floral wedges.

The high waist pants
This one is suitable for luscious and tall girls. Perfect for camouflaging a small bottle, it is also great for highlighting your legs. We choose a straight cut model (cigarette) and colored to be in the trend of this summer.


Antthony "Luscious Knit" FlatFront Harem Pant (April 2021)