July 12, 2024

I tested ski preparation with the Snow Fit

What's this : A 45-minute circuit training course with eight workshops that can work on all the muscles required for skiing, but also stimulate cardio-respiratory skills.

How's it going :
Faced with this course of the sports fighter, it is not my next skiing holiday that I think but rather Koh Lanta. You have to jump obstacles, lift weights, balance, and as quickly as possible. Everything is there or almost. Except mud and insects, thankfully. But no time to think about my last TV party, the course starts on top. No warm-up, we attack the serious things directly. We jump to avoid obstacles, we do the step by raising dumbbells, we slalom between sticks, we chained the abs, we advance by making lunges, we lie down for pumps, we get up and we still raises dumbbells trying to stay balanced on one leg and then finish with a series of squats. And we start again trying to go even faster. The more the course progresses, the more the course becomes rough. We jump together and then on one foot, we squat and get up as quickly as possible, we walk in crab and especially the number of pumps, squats or slots to chain multiplies. And if, in the beginning, bad students like me drool a little, you end up getting caught up in the game, get into the rank and the rhythm and even have a small smile of pride when you finish this course of the victorious fighter. The goal is to work on the whole of the physical condition: the muscular reinforcement and the cardio of course, but also the sheathing and the balance. To not finish your ski trip on the kneecaps or even the patella piece.

Ski Fit Workout | Nuffield Health (July 2024)